Live in Austin, Texas on March 7 - 8, 2015  

Consulting Unleashed Masterclass

​presented by John Logar and Rachel Kersten

Learn how to engage and convert clients in high paying niche markets

Here's a presentation from a recent conference where John taught his Rapid Offer and Conversion Strategy.  
This is great example of the massive value that John shares.

Get ready to see the results in your bank account 

$1497 ticket price

Are you the biggest problem in your consulting business? 

Are you working too hard and not earning enough money?  ​Does it always feel like either a feast or a famine?   You don't have enough clients.  The clients that you do have aren't paying you enough.  Your cash flow isn't flowing.  It's not profitable enough. You are constantly asking yourself "How do I get bigger clients?" 

To get different results, you need to start doing things differently.​  

Fast track your consulting revenue for 2015 with practical strategies that put results in your bank account.

This is your opportunity to double down and learn how to get stuff done, so that you can finally transition from not having any deals on the table to actually having plenty of work to do.

Let’s face it - there’s a huge difference between working in your pajamas and actually running a business.

When you started out, you wanted to provide immense value - and you have the expertise.

But somehow, the cash flow just isn’t what you want it to be, and when you finally send out a proposal - it goes into the black hole of doom.

We show you how to get results fast, fill the pipeline, and bank the money.

Join us for two days of practical high value content - without all the fluff - and we’ll cover proven strategies and actionable tactics for client engagement and conversion. These are the same strategies that John used in his own consulting business to generate $543,000 of revenue from scratch.

Some consultants have massively successful businesses and it seems that there is some secret ingredient that you don’t know. Truth be told, there are two ways to do this: The traditional approach - and then there’s the other way - the way that gets results.

 You’ll walk away not just understanding conversion and pricing strategy - but also be able to immediately implement the learnings into your business - so that you can close more deals with less work - and get paid every time.  This is about taking action and getting real results. 

This will be different from anything you’ve attended before, because John has a direct, no-nonsense approach that cuts through all of the fluff and leaves you with clear action steps so that your consulting business can be both profitable and enjoyable.

Revolutionize your approach to prospecting and lead generation, and change the way that you handle client presentations.

We’ll also work with you to create a Fast Action Rapid Results Plan that you can implement the next day.

         This is no fluff.        

It’s real-time, practical, easily implementable, and  proven tactics and strategies that really work.

$1497 ticket price

Schedule of Events

Two full days - March 7 - 8, 2015

Location: Downtown Austin, TX (airport code AUS)

Venue: AT & T Conference Center, 1900 University Ave, Austin, TX 79705

Welcome Reception:  Friday, March 6 from 7 - 9 PM

Masterclass Day One - Saturday, March 7 2015

8:00 AM


8:30 AM

Welcome & Intros

9:00 AM

Cause & Effect & Reality Planning

10:00 AM

Tracking & Numbers & KPIs

10:30 AM


11:00 AM

Attract, Engage & Convert

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

Attract, Engage & Convert (cont.)

3:00 PM 


3:30 PM

Hotseats & Q&A

5:00 PM


7:30 PM

Group Dinner

Masterclass Day Two - Sunday, March 8 2015

8:00 AM


8:30 AM

Recap of Yesterday & Expectations

9:00 AM

Networking Strategy

10:30 AM


11:00 AM

Networking Strategy (cont.)

12:30 PM


2:00 PM

Systems, Scaling & Outsourcing

3:00 PM 


3:30 PM

Systems, Scaling & Outsourcing (cont.)

4:00 PM

Fast 90 day planning

4:30 PM

Cause & Effect & Reality Planning

5:00 PM

Event Concludes

$1497 ticket price

About the Organizers

For the last 25 years as a sales professional, marketing consultant, trainer, international speaker and coach, John has helped clients generate millions of dollars in businesses all around the world in almost every imaginable industry. He has had the unique privilege to have conducted over 5,000 one-on-one strategic focus sessions with Managing Directors, CEOs and Entrepreneurs in over 140 different industry groups. In those focus sessions he was able to see how they grew their businesses, what they did to market their businesses, what worked and what didn’t work, who their customers were, what their strategy and tactics were, their sales processes and their metrics for managing their businesses.

In the last 18 months John has helped launch 27 consulting businesses that have generated over $4.2 million dollars in consulting contracts around the world. Most importantly, John cuts through all the fluff and gives you real actionable strategies that work.

A well respected strategic consultant and online marketing specialist, Rachel rapidly doubles and triples clients businesses in the internet marketing space. She has launched over 30 new information products for her clients. The combination of launching new products, creating multi-product portfolios, building engaged audiences, and maximizing customer lifetime value has led to the generation of over $32 million dollars of online information-product sales.

She is also an expert in assembling high-performing teams. One of Rachel’s unique abilities is to be able to see the big picture, and also know the detail that is required to achieve the end goal. It’s very natural for Rachel to take a process, and find a way to make it most effective - so that you can get the most accomplished with the least amount of input. Her background also includes a successful career in Information Technology and Project Management with big companies like Nissan, Target, SAP, and Tractor Supply Company. From start-up to Fortune 500 to empowering entrepreneurs, Rachel is all about results.

Guest Speakers

Dan Meredith, James Dickerson, and John McIntyre have been added to the lineup! These three entrepreneurs have each had a breakout year in 2014. They join us to share their inspiring stories, as well as the key strategies they used to rapidly grew their businesses. Check out their bios below.

Dan Meredith

​The Funnel Specialists & Wellness Business Solutions

After learning what a copywriter was just over one year ago to turn around the fortune of my fitness facility, I decided to launch myself fully into the online world with both aggression and speed. Ready, Fire, Aim - all the way! Once I had officially launched as a copywriter, I secured my first 6-figure contract in 4 days and this parlayed into building a $500,000 turnover consultancy and agency in just 5 months due to what John had taught me.

James Dickerson

CEO, ​Crush Campaigns

James is the Founder & CEO of Crush Campaigns, an online marketing agency that helps fast growing technology companies convert their ideal audience into high value customers. He's launched two technology products and participated in one of the country's top startup accelerator programs. He's spoken at a number of entrepreneurial events, including the Clinton Global Initiative. Before starting Crush Campaigns, James worked on the investment team for a $200 million venture capital fund.

John McIntyre

Director, The McMethod

John McIntyre, also known as The Autoresponder Guy, is an email marketing and lead conversion specialist.  He helps business owners and companies achieve record-breaking profit breakthroughs with strategic email marketing campaigns.  

​Who are the ‘unsung heroes” in your life? I have been very fortunate to have some awesome mentors, friends, coaches and associates who have all helped me to one degree or another; but there is a chap who has gone a little bit above and beyond lately.

A chap by the name of John Logar.

When I think what this gentlemen has done for me – including perhaps the greatest case of ‘over-delivery’ I have come across. It felt prudent to give him a ‘shout out.’ As well as being one of the best coaches I have ever had, he has an amazing way of making the complex simple…and a brilliant way with people. In fact if it weren’t for John? The agency and myself would likely not exist. 

Dan Meredith

​John, I got my first client! Coaching plus digital marketing advice. $10,680 for 12 months. Thank you. Now the work begins...


​John is an inspiration to anybody needing great business advice and direction. If you’re looking for self-belief and real strategies that work and are appealing to your marketplace…look no further! In learning about ourselves in business, we need to deal with real people who are knowledgeable, content professionals and especially sincere in what they espouse…I highly recommend John Logar…a great partner in business but more importantly…a good man.

Terry Madden

​Thanks John, just finished onboarding a $10k/month client today, and just picked up another $3k/month client today as well.

James Dickerson

​John, just closed a $4k deal from a building lead. Feel like I’m starting to get the fact that I can charge far more for my expertise. Thanks for everything mate.

John McIntyre

Consulting Marketing Master Class

How to engage and convert clients in high paying niche markets

2 days of practical high value client engagement and conversion strategies that generated $543,000 of revenue from scratch...

With John Logar & Rachel Kersten

of Consulting Unleashed

No fluff, pure practical content and strategy.

In Austin, Texas Friday 6th - 8th March 2015

$1497 early bird price

I’m sharing two of my most valuable client engagement tactics and strategic plans that have generated millions of dollars in consulting clients in a 2 day Master Class

Day 1:  Attract, Engage & Convert high 5 and 6 figure paying clients

This will change the way you approach your lead generation, your client presentations, conversion strategy and your pricing strategies.

Here is what you will learn:

My Niche market selection processes how you can research and identify profitable niche markets with high value clients

You’ll see how I packaged up services that were relevant to the market that I was targeting and where I was providing massive value at low cost and a 70% GP and 50% net profit on services delivered.

You will see the entire sales process and the execution of the plan from research, to initial engagement, to establishing authority, to developing a strategic alliance relationship.

You’ll learn how to position high priced solutions where clients are more than willing to pay you based on your recommendation.

How you set yourself apart from other Internet Marketing Professionals offering the standard commodity based pricing and services.

How to become the trusted advisor rather than a product or service provider.

You'll have the opportunity to ask me as many questions as you like on how you can engage and convert high paying niche market clients.

Instant Authority Case Study

I will share a case study on a niche market engagement process that generated over $216,000 worth of revenue in a 6 month period working less that 15 hours per week.

I'll show you how I did my research, how I engaged and how I leveraged a strategic alliance to open the doors to national and international clients.

Also how I became an instant authority in a subniche of the market I was working in.

Day 2:  Practical high value client engagement and conversion strategy that generated $320K of revenue from scratch… in 12 weeks

You will see my system in it's entirety you'll be able to walk out of this Master Class and implement all the practical tactics that I share with you and see the results in your bank account

Here is what you will learn:

My client selection processes, how I engaged 180 hungry prospects in three weeks and how you can duplicate my exact plan and system.

You’ll see how I packaged up 4 products that were relevant to the market that I was targeting and where I was providing massive value at low cost and a 70% GP and 50% net profit on services delivered.

You will see the entire sales process and the execution of the plan from emails to exact script and wording that was implemented in this strategy.

I will show you my implementation Power Point Proposals that have a current conversion rate of 70% when implemented.

The tools that I used to leverage and manage the strategy execution.

Your Fast Action Rapid Results Plan

Now you’ve got the strategies, tactics and ideas - let's walk you out of this event and start putting cash in your bank account.

There is no point in discovering great ideas, tools and tactics without putting them into action.

We are going to implement a Rapid Cash Flow method that I have used to generate fast consulting dollars.

You’re going to walk out of this event with a very specific action plan with income target projections and all the tools and resources you need to execute what you've learned in the Master Class.

Your action plan will include the following:

Six figure income target strategy

Rapid offer system

30 hot niche markets to go after that need your consulting services

Daily client engagement focus system

​John told me frankly: “Go and make some money. You have to live on cash. Use what you have to offer and get clients.” Your advice inspired confidence in me, and I took immediate action.

Since then I have pursued and accepted a business development position for a branding agency and am digging into the reading list you gave me. Thanks so much for your time and wisdom!

Blake Stratton 

​You know a recommendation is spot on if it stands the test of time and appears unsolicited. Both of those attributes fit this recommendation. I am remiss in recommending John before this, so let me make it up now. John is good. Very, very, good at helping organizations ‘find themselves’ and to get to the right market with the right products and presence, to be seen and to grow.

John will not do the work for you. He will however give the tools, the maps, the tips, and some examples of others that have fallen into holes along the way, and the ones that have changed disasters into successes, so that you might avoid the pitfalls and emulate the successes. He is in touch with his audience and can help you see the way forward for your desired destination. Definitely someone to put on your ‘I need to meet this guy’ list.

David Watson

This is client engagement on steroids

$1497 early bird price

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Consulting Unleashed Master Class?

Consulting Unleashed is a unique business accelerator event mastermind and workshop where we will help you target, engage and convert high lifetime value quality clients that value your expertise, products and services.   We help you implement strategies and tactics that will leverage your business that enable you to grow and scale your business. We show you how to price your services based on value not on hourly billings or price driven incentives.

We help you with a proven powerful consultation system that makes it easy for your prospects to sit down with you and seriously consider your recommendations. We show you successful lead generation and marketing strategies that will give you an endless supply of quality clients to work with. 

Who should attend the event?

Any entrepreneur or small business owner who is serious about massively accelerating their business, in a short period of time, via collaboration in an intimate group of experts and fellow entrepreneurs.

Where is the event being held?

The event is being held at the AT & T Conference Center located at: 1900 University Ave, Austin, TX 79705

What is the cost of the event?

​Super Early Bird Tickets: $797

Early Bird Tickets: $897

Regular Price Tickets: $1497

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, you can bring a guest. However, the guest will also have to register, and pay the full price of the event, as well as airfare and accommodations.

What are the hours of the event?

The welcome reception is Friday, March 6th from 7-9 pm. The main event is from 8-5 pm on both Saturday, March 7th and Sunday, March 8th.  There is also an all inclusive dinner on Saturday, March 7th from 7:30 -9:30 pm.

Do I need to book accommodations?

You’re responsible for booking your own accommodations.   You can stay at or anywhere nearby the venue. Just google ‘Hotels near AT&T Conference Center’ or 'Hotel Austin, Texas' and you’ll find something that’s perfect for your style and budget.  We also recommend checking, they have amazing deals on great accommodations.

What about transportation to/from the airport?

You’re responsible for your own transportation, and the closest airport is Austin, Texas (AUS).  Austin has taxis, as well as Uber and Lyft - so getting around is super easy and you don't need to rent a car.

Will breakfast, lunch and snacks be served?

Breakfast, lunch and snacks are included with your ticket. The Welcome Reception Friday night and Dinner on Saturday night are also included. 

What is the Welcome Reception Friday night?

The Welcome Reception Friday night is included in your ticket price. There will be light hors d'oeuvres and cocktails, this is just a casual meet and greet. The reception is from 7 - 9 pm.

I heard there is a dinner, what's that about?

Dinner on Saturday night is included in your ticket price. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the restaurant. The dinner is from 7:30 - 9:30 pm.

Who are the event leaders?

John Logar and Rachel Kersten

What is the suggested attire? 

Business casual. No need to be stuck in a business suit all day. This event is about getting work done, not looking fancy.

What should I bring?

You don’t need much. Just yourself and a willingness to do work while you’re in the room — so you can walk out with results. Everything you need on the day will be provided (pens, paper, etc.) If you prefer to bring your own Moleskin and pens - that's great too!

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Send your questions to

A Letter from John

Full transparency

Pure content

We are happy to have you!  We do only have room for 50 people. Space is extremely limited so please, if you RSVP and register for this event, be certain that you will be able to attend.  

Breakfast, snacks, and lunch will be provided on both days.  Welcome Reception Friday evening and Dinner Saturday evening is included as well.

You will see inside my business and see how I execute an income generation plan, I'll be sharing exactly what I do.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

John Logar

Founder, Consulting Unleashed

Pure strategy

No Sales Pitch